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Please enjoy your colorful and magical journey through Michael's World of Art!

Everything you see here can be reproduced as cards and prints.

More magical images coming soon!

Yes I Hear You!
Amethyst Blooms
Once Upon a Time
It Might As Well Be Spring
Beyond the Jeweled Forest
Lollipop Celebration
Let's Play a Game
Love Is Magic
Peggy's Wildflower Garden
Hilton Summer Days
Tower of Bauble
Neverland Evening - PRINTWELL
A New World EDIT 2
Play Time
Snowy Egret
Circles in the Sand
Seasons Change
Sapphire Sky
Friday Night at the Mall 1985
In the Golden Afternoon
Easter Basket
I'm Alive
Stand Back
Candle on the Water
2014_ In the Beginning
Planetary Nebula
Laurie's Penguin
Reptilian Blaze
Tree of Pride PRINTWELL
Electric Eclectic
Wheels of Time
Glass and Violet Christmas WATERMARK
Halloween in Hilton Village WATERMARK
Visions of Jennifer Lopez
B-52 Ballerina with the Pink Unicorn Tutu
ballons dans le ciel
The Final Frontier - PHOTOSHIP
Study in Black and Blue
Fire Power
Tammy's Dress
Spring's Lingering Kiss
Science Fiction Camp
Samantha's Midnight Flight
Red Roses
Marshmallow World
Magic Bubbles
Journey's Beginning
Ice Cream Universe
Holly Berries and Snow
Holiday Magic
Fire in Gotham City
Color My World
Bubble Gum Fantasies
Black Cat
Bewitching Sky
All the Magical Worlds
A Curious Encounter
White Christmas Tree
The Snowman
The Sanderson Sisters
Silver and Red Christmas
Our Family Holiday
Magical Christmas Tree
Magic Bear Christmas
Madonna and Child
Jolly Old St. Nick
Golden Christmas Tree
Christmas Angel
Blue Christmas Tree

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