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"The Final Frontier"

The Final Frontier - PHOTOSHIP.jpg

I recently completed another commissioned piece for a friend.  He saw a painting I did a long time ago that was Star Wars-inspired, and so he asked me to do a Star Trek-inspired one.  

This one was relatively easy to do.  Outer Space and Science Fiction paintings are so much fun.  The color combinations, the shapes, and the sizes are limitless.  You are only held back by your imagination.

The most difficult part was recreating the Enterprise. It's such an iconic image and integral to the show.  How was I going to do it? 


My original plan was to make the Enterprise the focus of the painting.  But then I remembered a Mary Poppins painting I have, where she is very tiny compared to the River Thames and the London skyline. I decided to the same with this picture.  I wanted to convey the extraordinary vastness and wonder of Outer Space. And I do believe it works.

Thankfully my friend is very happy with this!

"Fire Power"

Fire Power.jpg

 I have a very good friend who is a veteran.  He loves my artwork, and he commissioned me to do a painting for him.  He didn't care what I did, as long as I incorporated the colors navy blue, white, and yellow.  And it needed to be BIG!!!

I call this painting "Fire Power."  It is 36x48 acrylic on canvas.  It is the largest piece I have ever far.

I wanted to incorporate those colors.  But since he is a veteran, I wanted to convey strength, power, bravery.  Is the yellow figure an eagle?  Or a phoenix rising?  It is entirely up to you.

Per my friend's request, there will not be any copies made of this.  But I wanted to share this with you so you could see it. It took me a long time to create, but I am very happy with the result.

UPDATE: For some reason, my friend has not responded to my inquiries about delivering and paying for the painting, so it is clear that he does not want it.  It is currently on display and for sale at the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center.


Here is a recent photo of me posed with my entry in the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center's Annual Members' Show.  

It's called "The Eyes of Fantasia." Acrylic and stained glass paint on canvas.  

Come on down to see it in person, and to see the other works of art on display!  

The show runs through August 28.

"A Study in Black and Blue"

Study in Black and Blue.jpg

Never have I finished a painting so fast.


I had some leftover paint from working on a custom piece for a client, so I decided to just smear what was leftover onto a new canvas.  I smeared up one time and then down with the blue and black ink.

Boom. Done.


I am just going to call this "A Study in Black and Blue."

Simple and perfect.

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